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Commercial property in Northleigh to rent - Find a local commercial property to rent in Northleigh

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Rent: £12,500 Per Annum

First Floor Dolphin Court - Honiton 12,500 Per Year The premises are located in the town centre, acc...

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Rent: £15,000 Per Annum

1 & 2 Dolphin Court - Honiton 15,000 Per Year The property is situated in the centre of Honiton, in ...

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Rent: £7,000 Per Annum

3 Dolphin Court - Honiton 7,000 Per Year Deceptively spacious town centre retail premises approximat...

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Rent: £10,250 Per Annum

Unit B Reme Drive - Honiton 10,250 Per Year Industrial warehouse premises Ground Floor 159.66m (1,71...

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Commercial property renting choices in Northleigh

When it comes to the number of commercial properties to rent in Northleigh the choice can be confusing. We are always adding a range of new commercial properties to the site to make you choice easier. So if you need a new office space for your team or you need a more industrial based commercial property, this is something that MOVEHUT can help you with.

Rent your dream commercial property in Northleigh today

Find a range of commercial properties to rent in Northleigh right now that are perfect for your business. Take the weight off your shoulders and let MOVEHUT do the heavy lifting when it comes to searching for a property. Just fill in your property details and requirements and use our search functionality to find a property in Northleigh right now.

The perfect sized commercial property to rent in Northleigh

Northleigh Commercial property is available in a range of sizes and features. And you can simply choose the features that you are looking for in your Northleigh commercial property. So whatever sized commercial property your business needs, MOVEHUT will help you find what you're looking for. Choose your property type, then the location radius, and if required what size and price range you are looking for, and let MOVEHUT do the rest!

Find a commercial property for your industry in Northleigh

You could be hoping to find a property for future investment purposes. Or it may be a piece of land you're looking to rent. Whatever your industry requires, you will find it at MOVEHUT where we'll take the pain out of your property search.

All you need to know about commercial property rental in Northleigh

When considering renting commercial property in Northleigh there are a number of things you'll need to know. You will need to be sure the size is right for your needs and the price is right. And you may want to consider the location too, whatever you need to know MOVEHUT is here to help.

Find the ideal commercial property to rent in Northleigh

When your searching for the right commercial property in Northleigh to rent, then your decision is going to be affected by numerous factors. Ideally you will want to find a property in the right location and at the right price. And if you can find a property that has a great location, or at least a suitable location for the type of property you are considering. Here at MOVEHUT we everything you need to find your ideal commercial property in Northleigh fast.

Commercial property for rent in Northleigh - Classification and usage

Commercial property is subject to use classification and any property your searching for in Northleigh will be affected. For example a commercial property with a B2 classification would be for general industrial use. The classification could affect your usage of a property in Northleigh, so it's important to keep in mind.

The advantages to your business of renting a commercial property in Northleigh

If your considering to rent a commercial property in Northleigh rather than purchasing there are a variety of benefits attached. For example, renting will provide you with greater freedom and flexibility than if you were to purchase the property. And you won't have to worry about any unexpected repair bills adding to your costs.

Commercial property in Northleigh - Lease or licence?

When you have decided which commercial property to rent in Northleigh, you will be faced with the option of signing a lease or a licence. Taking out a lease will offer your business stability over an extended period. With a licence most properties will be managed to some degree and you would not have to maintain the state of the property in Northleigh. The decision will be an important one so make sure you're fully aware of the options before renting a commercial property in Northleigh.